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Full Stack Python


There has been a lot of noise about being a "full stack developer" recently. What does the full web stack look like for Python and how do you go about learning each piece?

This talk will guide you up the layers from the server that handles the web request through the JavaScript that executes on a user's browser.


This talk distills information from the open source guide Full Stack Python I wrote into a 30 minute talk on web stack layers. An approximate timeline for this talk would be:

  • 5 min: intro story
  • 5 min: what the web developers need to know about virtual servers, web servers, and WSGI servers
  • 5 min: what do web frameworks provide?
  • 5 min: what are the most important parts of your web application to analyze and monitor?
  • 5 min: static files and execution on the user's browser
  • 5 min: concluding story and resources to learn more

This is a high level overview intended for developers who are new to Python web development and need to understand what the web stack layers are and how they fit together.


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