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packaging and testing with devpi and tox


This talk discusses good ways to organise packaging and testing for Python projects. It walks through a per-company and an open source scenario and explains how to best use the "devpi-server" and "tox" for making sure you are delivering good and well tested and documented packages. As time permits, we also discuss in-development features such as real-time mirroring and search.


The talk discusses the following tools:

  • devpi-server for running an in-house or per-laptop python package server
  • inheritance between package indexes and from public packages
  • the "devpi" client tool for uploading docs and running tests
  • running of tests through tox
  • summary view with two work flows: open source releases and in-house per-company developments
  • roadmap and in-development features of devpi and tox

(The presenter is the main author of the tools in question).


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