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Scaling with Ansible


Ansible is a powerful DevOps swiss-army knife tool, very easy to configure and with many extensions built-in. This talk will quickly introduce the basics of Ansible, then some real-life experience tips on how to use this tool, from setting up dev VMs to multi-server setups.


Infrastructure/Scaling is a topic really close to me, I'd like to have the chance to talk about how we set this up in the company I work for. Our infrastructure is around 10-15 servers, provisioned on different cloud providers, so a good size infrastructure.

Presentation is going to be divided in 3 parts, first part is going to be focused on comparing sysadmin and devops, then there will be an introduction to the basic concepts of Ansible. I want to spend most on the last part, which is going to give some tips based on our experience with it.

Many ideas will come from this presentation which i gave at DJUGL in London, with a longer session I will have more chances to delve into more detail, especially on how we use it, from vagrant boxes setup to AWS and DigitalOcean boxes, network configuration, software configurations, etc...

I want to offer as many real-life tips as possible, without going too much offtopic as far as Ansible is concerned


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