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Stackless: Recent advancements and future goals


Stackless (formerly known as Stackless-Python) is an enhanced variant of the Python-language. Stackless is best known for its lightweight microthreads. But that's not all. In this talk Stackless core developers demonstrate recent advancements regarding multi-threading, custom-scheduling, debugging with Stackless and explain future plans for Stackless.


Since Python release 1.5 Stackless Python is an enhanced variant of C-Python. Stackless is best known for its addition of lightweight microthreads (tasklets) and channels.

Less known are the recent enhancements that became available with Stackless 2.7.6. In this talk core Stackless developers demonstrate

  • The improved multi-threading support
  • How to build custom scheduling primitives based on atomic tasklet operations
  • The much improved debugger support

Stackless recently switched the new master repository from to bitbucket to allow for a more open development process. We'll summarise our experience and discuss our plans for the future development of Stackless.

The talk will be help by Anselm Kruis and Christian Tismer. If we are lucky, we will also welcome Kristján Valur Jónsson from Iceland.


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