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Build and control a Python-powered robot.


Antonio Spadaro - Build and control a Python-powered robot. [EuroPython 2016] [18 July 2016] [Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain] (

During this talk you will see how to make a robot able to recognize people with a Raspberry Pi as main board and Python as language. The talk will cover the hardware and modules, discuss briefly the alternatives, and finally show a live demo.

The robot uses two main modules:

  • OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library), an open-source library that includes several hundreds of computer vision algorithms. Usage ranges from interactive art, to mines inspection, stitching maps on the web or through advanced robotics.
  • gpiozero, a simple interface to everyday GPIO components used with Raspberry Pi.

The first is used to recognize the people and the object; the second to control the robot.

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