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Clean code in Python

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Mariano Anaya - Clean code in Python [EuroPython 2016] [20 July 2016] [Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain] (

Introduction to the clean code principles applied to Python code. Let's honor the readable nature of the Python syntax so anyone can maintain our code: "readability counts".

This talk introduces general concepts of code quality and how they apply for Python. We analyse technical debt, refactoring, and unit testing in the context of a project striving for a better code base.

Introduction to the clean code principles tailored for Python projects. The goal is to achieve better code quality and a more maintainable code base. Python has a nature of being clear, and easy to follow, so let's take advantage of it in our own code, in order to enforce the principle "readability counts" by writing pythonic code.

This talk introduces general concepts of code quality for Python developers, analyzing technical debt, with examples on how to achieve a more legible, maintainable and clean code base, by refactoring, writing unit tests and having good coding guidelines for the project. If you are giving your first steps with Python, you will gain insight on best practices for writing good software from the start. If you are a experienced developer, the ideas should work as food for thought, helping with recommendations for code reviews, best practices, etc.

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