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Modern OpenGL with Python


The OpenGL api is one of the oldest (and most used) graphics library in both the gaming and simulations world. In latest years the api has been extremely re-designed to support modern hardware features available in GPUs. Can we build realtime graphics application with Python using OpenGL ? Well, obviously Yes !

The talk will introduce how 2D and 3D graphics works, which math is required for mastering them and why strong hardware cooperation and heavy optimizations have been required since the very beginning of gaming development history.

Once the theory is "almost" clear, we can start talking about OpenGL, which problems tries to solve and how it evolved in more than 20 years.

The last (and the biggest) part of the talk will show how to interface Python with OpenGL, how to draw simple 2D sprites and how to load and show 3D models using simple lighting models.

Warning: OpenGL shaders (the custom code you upload in the GPU) are written in GLSL, a pseudo-c dialect, so expect a bit of lower-level programming

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