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RESTful API - Best Practices.


Malwina Nowakowska - RESTful API - Best Practices. [EuroPython 2016] [22 July 2016] [Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain] (

It is important to understand from the beginning how model API should look like. Do not repeat your friends’ mistakes and make developers upset! There are some simple rules that can make your API cooler - clean, safe and efficient.

Based on both bad and good examples of REST APIs (I had to deal with) we will learn about best practices.

Nowadays building and integrating with Representational State Transfer web services is a very common thing. It seems that creating RESTful API is trivial - nothing could be more wrong. In my previous projects I had to integrate with lots of APIs. Unfortunately only some of them were easy to work with. Most of the APIs did not follow the main rules of model API.

It is really important to understand how model REST API should look like. To make developers happy we will learn best practices of creating REST API from the beginning.

We will start with quick introduction what REST is, why principle of REST is so amazing, talk about identifires and explain some key terms. We will discuss about architectall constraints and properties.

Mistakes and best practices are based on my experience of developing and maintaining the projects. After this talk you will be able to create model RESTful API developers will be happy to work with.

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