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AAA Games with Unreal Engine 4 and Python


Unreal Engine is the game industry leading platform for developing AAA Videogames. Now you can script your gameplay logic, automate your development pipelines or test your productions with Python too. The UnrealEnginePython plugin aims at covering the whole feature set of Unreal Engine 4 and extending it with the huge modules library available in the Python world.

The talk will briefly introduce the Unreal Engine platform and its capabilities as well as how it can be programmed without the python plugin (Blueprints and C++).

The biggest part of the talk will focus on how the Unreal Engine 4 patterns are mapped to the python plugin, what is already working and what you can expect from future developments.

No prior knowledge of game/graphics programming is required, and if you are in the movie or cartoon industry you can get interesting infos too


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