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Automating Instagram with Python and Selenium


In this talk about using Selenium and Python for social media automation you will get some insights into growing your own open source projects into tools that really get used and maintained by a community. You will get an idea of what pitfalls you have to face when working with something as fast changing as Instagram and how to best tackle this.

You'll learn what the "Page Object" design pattern is, what it is useful for and why we use it.

Of course we will also talk about OpenSource and why it's important.

A lot of the talk will be based on my article on InstaPy published at the freeCodeCamp publication on Medium:

So, who is this talk suited for?

If you're just starting out with python, are interested in automation or simply like to see a fun and interesting little open source project, I'd love to see you at my talk and hear your ideas and opinions about it.


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