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Green threads in Python


This talk is for general public with problems to scale. The good background for this talk is people with minimal knowledge about threads. After this talk I expect that the audience can be enable to understand multiprocessing, when use and which tools and methods are appropriate for each case.

Understanding threads

  • It's the first moment on the talk. Here I'll speak about the thread theory and what happen when we use threads on the OS

Threads and multiprocess API

Understanding Green threads

  • Here I'll speak about green threads theory and what happen when we use green threads on our OS

Green thread Patterns and tools

  • Here I'll show few examples with keep alive patterns, discuss about a few tools and show gevent and asyncio examples

Parallelism x asynchronism

  • I'll show the diference between parallelism and asynchronism discussing about the two theories

Why, when and how

  • It's is the last talk moment and I'll explain the how complex is work with multiprocess showing cases like queues consume and APIs consume


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