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Introduction to TensorFlow


Deep learning is at its peak, with scholars and startups releasing new amazing applications every other week, and TensorFlow is the main tool to work with it. However, Tensorflow it's not an easy-access library for beginners in the field.

In this talk, we will cover the explanation of core concepts of deep learning and TensorFlow totally from scratch, using simple examples and friendly visualizations.

The talk will go through the next topics:

  • Why deep learning and what is it?
  • The main tool for deep learning: TensorFlow
  • Installation of TensorFlow
  • Core concepts of TensorFlow: Graph and Session
  • Hello world!
  • Step by step example: learning how to sum
  • Core concepts of Deep Learning: Neural network
  • Core concepts of Deep Learning: Loss function and Gradient descent

By the end of this talk, the hope is that you will have gained the basic concepts involving deep learning and that you could build and run your own neural networks using TensorFlow.


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