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OpenAPI development with Python



After this session, audiences will get

  • Basic knowledge of OpenAPI (Swagger)
  • Ecosystem of OpenAPI(Swagger) and tools related to Python and knowledge to make use of them in their own projects


  1. This talk is for:
    • Developers who are creating or using API services such as web applications, mobile applications and all other kinds of applications
  2. Audience will be expected to have (prerequisite):
    • Basic knowledge of development with API (REST and others)
    • Basic knowledge of Python


Introduction (3min)

  • Agenda of this talk
  • Myself introduction

OpenAPI(Swagger) introduction and basics (8min)

What is OpenAPI and what is the relation with Swagger? (5min)

Comparison with other frameworks for APIs (3min)

  • api blueprint, json schema and ..

OpenAPI ecosystem and tools (8min)

OpenAPI(Swagger) core tools (4min)

Swagger editor, Swagger codegen and Swagger UI

OpenAPI tools related to Python (4min)

  • Some tools for python api development with OpenAPI

Actual case study with OpenAPI and Python (8min)

  • Introduce our projects with OpenAPI, Python and other program (like Angular, Typescript and so on) and explain how swagger is well working in our company

Recap and Conclusion (2min)


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