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Optimization using Flow Networks in NetworkX.


Prerequisite: Basic Programming.


Introduction to NetworkX Library. Using NetworkX for optimization Techniques using Network Flow.

This talk can be divided into three major parts.

Introduction to NetworkX Basic Introduction to Network Flow. The solution of ( Project selection problem using Network Flow and NetworkX.

  1. Introduction to NetworkX.
    • What is NetwrokX?
    • Creating a graph in NetworkX.
    • Some awesome methods
    • Algorithms available.
    • Using with other libraries like Pandas.
  2. Basic Introduction to Network Flow.
    • Origin of Problem: Mincut of soviet union railway network.
    • A quick explanation of Max-Flow and min-cut problem.
    • Max-flow = min-cut
    • How to reduce problems for Network Flow optimization?
    • Model the problem for using NetworkX
  3. Solution of Project selection Problem using NetworkX.
    • Problem statement.
    • How can we solve it using max flow / min-cut?
    • Modeling in form of graph.
    • Proof of correctness
    • Representing the graph in NetworkX
    • Finding answer in NetworkX


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