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Python and Angular, a perfect match?


Python on mobile devices is still negligible mostly because of the GUI problems which arise. But Python on android devices is considered to be a solved problem since the module Python for Android is available. We have nowadays at least the possibility to develop for mobile devices with the GUI engine Kivy which is maybe the first choice for rapid prototyping on that platform. But as it comes to design work and mobile device look alike Kivy is still far behind the web development tools HTML/CSS.

In our talk we present a conceptual work where we used Ionic - this is an mobile development framework based on Angular - to build the GUI part of an app and connected that to a Python back end. In our point of view our proposal is very general and will give Python a boost towards modern UX development and makes HTML/CSS/JavaScript a real option especially in combination with Angular.

The main part of our solution that we show is the interoperation between JavaScript and Python such that asynchronous calls in both direction are possible.

The advantage is to develop UX and back end code only once and use it literally on every platform where a Python interpreter and a browser runs.


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