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Using the right Async tool, present day


Recent releases like AsyncIO and Django Channels gave a new push towards building real-time web-apps fast and easy. However, as similar tools exist in Python since 2000th, how should we balance between modern and time-proven?

This talk includes but is not focused just on AsyncIO. It gives an overview of Async libraries in Python, and helps with choosing a right tool for various web tasks.

It describes caveats of using Twisted, Tornado and AsyncIO including theory and live code, and concludes with a basic overview of Django Channels.

Talk plan

  • Why do we need Async Web (5 min)
  • Existing libraries and frameworks: Twisted, Tornado, AsyncIO (15 min)
  • Sample task, sample code, conclusions (10 min)
  • (optional) what's about Django Channels?
  • Q & A (5 min)


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