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A tale of refactoring


A couple years ago I was approached by a client to help them improve the performance and maintainability of their code.

That code was filled with very long functions, some of them with very similar code and the project was really hard to understand as a whole.

My first reflex was to refactor this code code to make it more understandable. In my opinion, it did fit part of my assignment as understandable code is easier to maintain but it was also very helpful later in letting me make small changes with full knowledge of what was going to be affected by those changes.

Large methods and functions is something that creeps into our code whether we plan for it or not. This talk is about one way to deal with it.

This talk will be based on code provided by the GildedRose Refcatoring Kata:

Prerequisites: - Basic knowledge of Python - Basic knowledge of OOP

Goals: - Demonstrate one approach for refactoring code - Show how to leverage Python’s dynamic nature to make code simpler


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