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Autism in development


Autism is a condition that correlates with engineering. Many people in the industry are diagnosed autistic, undiagnosed autistic, or near autistic. There are many lessons that can be learned from how to deal with autistic people that are very useful in our industry. These lessons are often also useful when dealing with non-autistic people. There are many lessons on how to deal with your own autism that are useful to undiagnosed autistic people and near autistic people.

We will cover the basics of autism, and related conditions. We will cover simple tricks that can make discussions and changes easier in workplaces ("10 Simple tricks to make your autistic colleagues shout less!"). We will also cover techniques you can use for dealing with your own autistic tendencies ("100 coping mechanisms to pretend that you are normal!").

I am a late diagnosis autistic person myself, and will discuss the difference between knowing and not knowing that you are autistic.


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