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White Mars: living far away from any form of life

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Concordia Station is a French/Italian facility located inside Antarctica, in a plateau called Dome-C, in the middle of nowhere. A dark and cold place: no Sun from May to August, temperatures around -80 Celsius degress, no life. Here I am living and performing scientific research with other 12 collegues from Italy, France and Austria. We are the most isolated people on Earth, more than the austronauts in the International Space Station. There is no way to move from Concordia until November, and no one can come. It is like to live in another planet, and that is why the European Space Agency is interested in making bio-medical research on us, in order to better understand how the human body behaves in a such extraterrestrial environment. We will introduce our studies, describe this place and our life here, and of course also speak about Python.


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