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Become a command line wizard


There are many modern terminal tools with vastly improved user experiences as compared to their traditional alternatives. This talk aims to show off some of those modern terminal tools and compare them side by side with the traditional ones.

Python is not only used by software developers with fancy IDEs but also by DevOps engineers, administrators, and on remote development machines where using a GUI is impractical. Therefore, many people are stuck with a terminal interface only and have to use tools like vim, grep, find, wc, cloc, less and many others to explore their way around their Python programs.

However, thanks to the advent of many new and improved tools, we can do many of the same tasks better, faster and with nicer ergonomics.

This talk will show off effective use of vim as an IDE with completions and linting provided by LSP, fd (instead of find) for finding files, ripgrep (instead of grep) for searching strings, tokei (instead of cloc) for counting lines of code, bat (instead of cat) for looking at files, hyperfine for microbenchmarking, httpie (instead of curl) for making HTTP requests, sd (instead of sed) for text replacement.

This talk should make terminal work more approachable for all attendees by showing off how to do some everyday tasks on the terminal.


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