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Don't do this at work


In this talk I reframe a computer programming workshop for kids I delivered earlier this year, exploring and sharing my experience throughout that journey, from preparation to delivery, by recreating a simple yet engaging enough game.

With that I'll both demonstrate several Python related techniques and tools many may not be aware of, on one hand, and, on the other, extract provocative questions about general learning processes, especially when targeted at professional developers.

I promise zero slides and a somewhat fast-paced live (re)coding session, intertwined with comments on good/bad techniques, along with a surprising exploration of the turtle module in the Standard Library -- it is more capable than you think.

I wrap up with a self-code review and with thoughts on how such a game could be improved, what implications that could have for both beginners and seasoned professionals: should you do this at work?

Targeting 10 minute Q&A / discussion by the end!


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