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How software can feed the world 🌱

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Infarm is a FaaS, Farming as a Service, and whether you believe it or not, our business is in-house farming at scale.

We design and build our farms, grow vegetables and sell them, and the backbone of our infrastructure is based on Python.

You can check this video to see what we do ->

More than 10 million observations are recorded from our farms, feeding our farm management system that allows operators, plant scientists, and supervisors to monitor each farm in real-time.

During this talk I will briefly introduce the world's problems we are trying to resolve at Infarm and then talk about our IoT farms, infrastructure, how we use Python and how we plan to improve the capabilities of our farms by adding edge machine learning.


- What are the problems we are trying to solve at Infarm
- Our 4 tech pillars
- How we started with Python
- Issues we are facing while scaling our Python infrastructure to support > 400 farms
- How we plan to evolve our software and infrastructure on 4 different levels: consolidate, architecture, cloud native and observability
- How Python is going to support our automated farms and its role in making the farms smarter (edge computing with AI)
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