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PlotVR - walk through your data


Are you bored by 3D-plots that only give you a simple rotatable 2d-projection? plotVR is an open source package that provides a simple way for data scientists to plot data, pick up a phone, get a real 3d impression - either by VR or by AR - and use the computer's keyboard to walk through the scatter plot:

After installing and plotting your dataframe open your phone's browser and use your GoogleVR Cardboard. Furthermore performant Android- and iOS-apps are available - both support VR-Cardboard and the iOS-Version also AR.

Once you are immersed in your Cardboard how do you navigate through the scatter? plotVR lets you use the computer's keyboard to walk as you would in any first person game.

You want to share your impression? Just save the HTML and publish it.

The technologies beneath this project are: a web server that handles the communication between the DataScience-session and the phone, WebSockets to quickly proxy the keyboard events, QR-codes facilitate the simple pairing of both, and an HTML-Page on the computer to grab the keyboard events. And the translation of these keyboard events into 3D terms is a nice exercise in three.js, OpenGL, and SceneKit for HTML, Android, and iOS resp.

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