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A deep dive and comparison of Python drivers for Cassandra and Scylla

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This talk will explain the thread-per-core data architecture of Scylla and detail how we implemented "shard-awareness" in the Cassandra Python driver which allows to route queries down to the right CPU!

Cassandra's and Scylla's architecture and topology rely on the usage of a consistent token ring to distribute their data evenly on the cluster.

The cassandra-python driver is used widely to interact with those NoSQL databases. It implements connection pools and token awareness allowing the driver to route queries to the right node based on its knowledge of where the data is.

But Scylla goes one step further as it also dedicates CPUs to a smaller portion of the data on each node (called shards). This means that we can route CQL queries not only to the right node but to the right CPU!

This talk will give implementation details on how we have done it.

Talk audience requirements: having a minimal knowledge of what Cassandra and a consistent hash ring are.

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