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Tutorial prerequisites.

Everybody developing code can profit from a version control system, no matter whether it is code written in Python or any other programming language or even a paper written, e.g., in LaTeX. A very popular version control system, particularly in the development of open source software, is Git which this tutorial will be devoted to. We will explore the basic workflow of code development with Git and also take a look at how code can be developed collaboratively with the help of Github.

While the example used to gain experience with the Git workflow will be based on Python code, a knowledge of Python is not strictly required for the purpose of this tutorial.

Apart from Python, which is only needed if you want to run the script used in the example, you will need the Git software to follow the Git workflow on your computer. See for binaries for Mac OS X and Windows as well as installation instructions for Linux and Solaris. There is no need to install a Git GUI as all examples will be demonstrated on the command line.

If you want to follow along the Github workflow at the end of the tutorial, you might want to sign up for Github at This will require you to choose a user name and a password and to provide your email address. Even if you do not sign up for Github, you will still be able to do most of the examples on your computer.

The tutorial can be obtained from Github. You can get the LaTeX source and the images by downloading a zip file from Github or by cloning the repository once you have Git installed:

git clone

A PDF file of the presentation is available from Github.


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