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Keynote: How to Fix a Scientific Culture: Psychology as a Cautionary Tale and Paragon


Over the last six years, small- and large-scale replication efforts have raised the suspicion that a large number of psychological findings—including some of our dearest effects—are flimsy at best. “Standard Operating Procedures” of the field have been shown to result in false-positive rates close to 100%; articles are filled with reporting errors and impossible statistics; transparency of the scientific process is often abysmal. These shortcomings have resulted in an unprecedented level of scientific introspection, giving rise to the development of new meta-scientific methods, new modes of scientific publishing, and a strong push towards Open Science, which will be covered in this talk.

Biographical sketch

Julia Rohrer is a personality psychologist and pursues her PhD at the International Max Planck Research School on the Life Course, the German Institute for Economic Research, the Free University of Berlin, and the University of Leipzig. She is an outspoken advocate for Open Science and the current movement towards greater methodological rigor in psychology. She is one of the authors of the meta-scientific blog “The 100% CI.”


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