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Simphony-Remote - Accessing containerized desktop and web applications with a web browser


SimPhoNy Remote is a web application that coordinates the execution of Docker images. These images have been tailored to a specific use case: accessing a Desktop or Web application combining JupyterHub, Docker and noVNC. The resulting product is flexible in authentication methods, easy to install and setup. Users can be granted fine grained permissions not only on the available applications, but also on the execution policy, such as mounted data directories and container execution parameters. In addition to Desktop applications via VNC, SimPhoNy remote supports pure Web applications. At the moment, Jupyter Notebook and a File Browser are available.

SimPhoNy Remote can be useful to educators, researchers, and anyone who needs to provide a controlled set of desktop applications to users, accessible via a web browser. The talk does not require advanced technical knowledge to understand the overall concept and use. Through the talk, the audience will learn basic usage of the user and administrative interface, as well as possible use cases of the SimPhoNy Remote application.

SimPhoNy Remote is an open-source product developed by Enthought as part of the SimPhoNy (FP7/NMP-2013-1.4-1/604005) and FORCE projects (Horizon 2020/NMBP-23-2016/721027).


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