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How I built and maintained the first live online Python linter using Flask


At the beginning of high school, I was lucky enough to stumble upon my first programming course which was in Python. Within a few weeks, I fell in love with the simplicity and power of using Python. After finishing the course, I wondered, “What else can I do with Python?” A few months later, I started programming my first web application in Python called PythonBuddy (​) while doing research with Professor Eni Mustafaraj of Wellesley College. We were motivated to create this web app to help students jump right into programming without the burden of setting up a programming IDE. The first technology to create PythonBuddy was Flask. I was amazed at how simple and easy it was to set up basic web functionalities such as AJAX requests, templating, and testing. To this day, I still use Flask to set up web applications due to its simplicity and robustness. In this talk, I’ll walk through how I developed PythonBuddy using Flask and other places I’ve used Flask with.


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