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Swiss Train Deployments


A Swiss Train deployment is a general-purpose deployment philosophy based on ideas from the Ember.js development process, modern browser releases, and various open-source project releases, such as the Ubuntu project.

In this talk, we’ll explore the motivation for a Swiss Train style deployment, the problems which it seeks to solve in existing deployment philosophies, and the core philosophy of a Swiss Train deployment.

This talk is for developers who are responsible for deploying code (not just Python!) to production in a timely manner, while still providing a stable ecosystem for their users.

The only background knowledge required is some amount of experience “deploying” code or releasing applications, whatever that may mean for an individual developer (essentially, this will allow the audience member to better empathize with the inefficiencies of current deployment philosophies (or lack thereof) and highlight the advantage of the proposed philosophy.

After watching this talk, the audience should be able to: – understand why it is important to have a deployment philosophy – see the inefficiencies in current deployment philosophies – present a strong argument for adopting Swiss Train style deployments – be able to implement the deployment philosophy in their own workflow.


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