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Douglas Bagnall - Te Tuhi Video Game System


Te Tuhi Video Game System

Presented by Douglas Bagnall


Tetuhi is a python program that turns drawings on paper into 2D top-down early 80s style video games. This talk describes how.


Te Tuhi Video Game System is not a game in itself; rather it creates games based on arbitrary images that it is given. To use it, you draw a picture of the game you want to play, and it will give you the game that you really drew. The software was originally written for an art exhibit using slightly specialised hardware, but it has been released under the GPL and runs on ordinary computers. It uses Pygame, PIL, and custom C extensions that allow it to evolve a playable game from a wide variety of pictures. This talk will discuss the techniques used (both refined algorithms and hacky heuristics) and cover topics such as image analysis, machine learning, and interface design. There will be a demonstration.

[VIDEO HAS ISSUES: Sound and video are poor. Slides are hard to read.]


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