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Lightning talks

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Lightning Talks

  • Morris Jones (Simple robot using python on a wifi router)
  • John Graves (Voice interaction)
  • Charles Manning (A noob does ctypes)
  • Raazesh Sainudiin (Computational Statistical Laboratories with SAGE Notebook Server)
  • Juergen Brendel (WSGI is easy)
  • Michael Hoppe (Basic data acquisition and analysis)
  • Carl Cerecke (A faster, cleaner goto statement)
  • Douglas Bagnall (Booki, Objavi, Espri: the FLOSS Manuals publishing suite)
  • Peter Harrison (Introduction to Autonomous Systems)
  • Jim Tittsler (Educational Content Packaging)
  • David Hood (Little lies to tell when teaching Python Programming)
  • Dylan Jay (How to host Python app for $20 in 20mins - collective.hostout)
  • Greg Hewgill (PSIL - Python S-expression Intermediate Language)

[VIDEO HAS ISSUES: Sound and video are poor. Slides are hard to read.]


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