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Integrating JavaScript with Python Web Frameworks


For today's modern web applications it's inevitable that you're going to need some client side magic to give your application the responsiveness it needs. This talk covers some of the dos and don'ts of integrating JavaScript with various Python web frameworks like Django.


@ Kiwi PyCon 2013 - Saturday, 08 Sep 2013 - Track 2

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Having spent the last year working on a big Django + AngularJS web application, Jen has ironed out the majority of issues that you might bump into whilst trying to work with both Python and JavaScript.

She will go over some of the common pitfalls, whilst outlining best practice. This talk will cover set up of some of the common combinations of frameworks your might be considering using for your next big project, and also examine how to leverage API modules like Django's Tastypie in order to provide a RESTful API and create a good abstraction between your server side and client side code.


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