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This is the story of how I stumbled into using Python, took on a project that is harder then I first thought and learned more then I ever wanted to know about bibliographic records, py(MARC), and how MongoDB blew my mind.


The Digitisation team at National Library of New Zealan are looking at NZ books, lots of books. What needs to be digitised, what is already digitised and how do we get access to these books. This has been a journey of learning the archaic arts of MARC, learning and loving Python and working out how to handle large amounts of Library Data. This is still a work in progress, 2 years later and what started as checking data sets against each other in excel, has grown into me falling in love with Dictionary’s (JSON), making Flask web interfaces to explore data, Map Reducing data sets, making sweet graphs with MatPlotLib, using Python when ever I get a chance and even teaching some of what I have learned to other colleagues.



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