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An introduction to Wagtail (CMS)


This talk is an introduction to Wagtail, a content management system built on the Python web framework, Django. Many content managers are not designed with web developers in mind, and choosing the right CMS for a project, that does it's job well and assists with fast paced development, can be difficult. Everyone has a favourite out there. I'm not sure if I can call Wagtail my favourite yet, however I have found it to be a very developer-friendly system. And after unknowingly working alongside a core contributor for some time, I hadn't realised what little recognition Wagtail has as a tool, even among Django developers. My talk will thus discuss the pros and cons of the system, with a demonstration to show how easy it is to get started with using it. I will also touch on it's nature as an open-source platform and some of it's potential futures.


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