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Magical (or not) GraphQL


Introducing [Magql]( (pronounced "magical"), a framework for defining GraphQL APIs, including [generating from SQLAlchemy]( models and [integrating with Flask]( Magql is extensible, looks familiar to developers who are used to Flask, and provides convenience on top of the "official" Python GraphQL library. I'll discuss why I decided to write this library, and how I went about it, including some of the technical challenges presented by GraphQL's complexity. GraphQL's nested schema and query language allows for some unique and weird possiblities compared to traiditional HTTP/REST APIs, and I'll show off some clever examples that demonstrate its potential. But that complexity can also lead to difficulties. Ultimately, the decision between GraphQL and REST is not clear cut, and this talk will also discuss some of our findings after using Magql and GraphQL in production, and where we want to go next.


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