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Building a Tic-Tac-Toe Two-Player Game using Tornado over Websockets


Learn how to build a Two-player game using Python Tornado web framework. We will be using websockets to make the app realtime. ‚Äč Abstract We will live code and learn how to build a real-time game app using Tornado web framework and websockets. Through this app, we will learn how to write an web app using Tornado web framework (, and how to communicate over websockets. We will be building a Tic-Tac-Toe two-player game to learn about these concepts. A player can start a new game or accept a challenge from another player.

When a player starts a new game, the app would create a new game channel, provide a handle to the channel that the player can send to his friend to join in and play. We will not be dealing with any authentication or logins to start a new game or to join an existing one. The goal is to show how easy it's to build an realtime app with Tornado.

Bio: Ramesh loves building data products that blend visualization and machine learning. He mostly uses Flask / Tornado to create web apps, Pandas / Scikit-learn for build machine learning models and D3 for visualizations


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