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Interactive Data Visualization Applications for the Browser w/ Bokeh


Bokeh ( provides a compelling open-source platform for creating interactive data visualization applications in the browser. This talk will demonstrate Bokeh's newest capabilities: the second generation Bokeh server, APIs for streaming data, new hooks for user-extensibility (e.g. to easily leverage JavaScript 3D plot libraries), new features for GIS, and more. ‚Äč Abstract With support from the DARPA XDATA Initiative, commercial engagements, and contributions from over 150 community members, the Bokeh visualization library ( has grown into a large, successful open source project with heavy interest and following on GitHub ( The principal goals of Bokeh are to provide capability to developers and domain experts: easily create and share interactive, versatile, and powerful visualizations that extract insight from data sets that may be remote, large, or streaming. Bokeh provides a platform for anyone to create interactive data and visualization applications in the browser for themselves, their colleagues, or for a wider audience.

This talk will give a quick overview of recent developments, and demonstrate some of the newest capabilities of Bokeh including:

  • Bokeh applications and the second generation Bokeh server (that is more performant, better documented, and much simpler to use and deploy)
  • APIs for streaming data (both in the notebook and Bokeh applications)
  • The ability to extend Bokeh with your own custom functionality (for example to create 3D plots or network graphs)
  • Recent GIS features such as support for GeoJSON and tiled map data sources
  • The new Datashader library that can be used together with Bokeh to visualize billions of data points.

Finally the talk will discuss near-term plans for the project, it's governance, and community development.


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