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Magic Considered Harmful?


We talk about magic tongue-in-cheek and often with a negative connotation. This talk will look to clearly define magic and answer the question of "when is magic harmful?" ​ Abstract This talk will look into some libraries we use (and love!) and the magic that powers them. ​ We will look at how things like namedtuple, Django models, and the Flask request object are implemented. We will look at how each of these libraries encapsulates complexity. At the end of the talk (hopefully) we will understand more about the internals of these libraries and have new tools to gauge if magic should be considered harmful for yourself.

Bio Adam is a tech lead at Disqus and advocate for service-oriented architecture. He has given several talks at Pycon and EuroPycon on the high scale systems that Disqus has shipped to production. In his free time he swing dances and has way too many apps on his phone. Originally from Michigan he currently resides in San Francisco.


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