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Python Profiling & Performance: elementary to enterprise


This talk provides an end-to-end introduction and overview of Python performance practices, from fundamentals to functional industry practices to the future of performant Python. If you've ever felt lost in or out of touch with the constant whirl of Python performance advancements, this practical talk will put it back into perspective. ‚Äč Abstract Performance is a complex topic. It means a lot of things to a lot of people. Python gives us a great starting point: strong primitives and the "good enough" philosophy. But is Python actually good enough for performance-critical applications?

This talk defines different kinds of performance, covers basic principles, and dives right into measurement. With those foundations laid, it outlines eight approaches to scaling Python, four of which are stack-agnostic and four of which are Python-specific. It outlines many examples from industry to promote a holistic view of performance as a practical process, not a large-scale benchmarking competition.

Bio: Mahmoud Hashemi is Lead Developer of Python Infrastructure at PayPal, where he focuses on distributed systems, API design, and application security. He presented O'Reilly's Enterprise Software with Python, as well as several guides to topics from DNS to software versioning to statistics. An avid Wikipedian, Mahmoud is half of Hatnote, creators of Listen to Wikipedia and other fine wiki-based software.


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