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Python Debugging with PUDB


When tracking down a tricky bug, tools are everything. I'll demonstrate three useful debugging tools and we'll see how we can use them to find bugs, whether they are in networking, logic, or performance.


Stop using print statements forever! You'll learn how to use these tools: PUDB - an interactive, ncurses debugger Charles - a web debugging proxy cProfile - python's built-in profiling library RunSnakeRun and SnakeViz - Tool for visualizing profile output I'll also talk about the process of debugging and profiling, common error patterns and how to use your time most efficiently.


Chris Beacham (aka Lady Red) is a python developer and Senior Software Engineer at Hipmunk. She also does performance, sewing, sculpture and painting in her free time, and is a frequent sight at the Noisebridge Hackerspace, where this talk was first delivered.


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