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Polyglot Design Patterns for the Adventurous


This talk was presented at PyBay2021 Food Truck Edition - 6th annual Bay Area Regional Python conference. See for more details about PyBay and click SHOW MORE for information about this talk.

DESCRIPTION In this talk we discuss why the polyglot approach to development is sometimes not only necessary but inevitable. We will discuss the benefits to this approach as well as the downsides that can be a challenge to overcome. We will discuss how Python specifically fits into a polyglot design pattern and why it could help bridge gaps in your organization.

Regardless of the language you prefer to develop in, theres a place for you in the polyglot architecture I will cover. Come learn how you can superpower the innovation and agility of your application development using modern open source tools!

SPEAKER BIO Kevin Jones is an Artist turned Engineer-Geek. When not shooting photography or small films he is traveling the work helping organizations adopt strategies and architectures to help their applications and infrastructure thrive.

SPONSOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The post production of this and other PyBay2020 videos are made possible by our sponsors: - Carta - Anyscale - Goodrx - Nginx -

EVENT PRODUCER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This community conference is produced by organizers of SF Python meetup and volunteers from around the SF Bay Area and beyond. See upcoming events here:


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