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Beyond Conventional: Embracing Python & LLMs for Quality Assurance


What do you do when your test suite is not fit for purpose? At Opto, we felt like we were locked in a daily battle against the tests written for our Java and TypeScript services. But, when we paired the adaptability of Python with the power of LLMs, we were able to enhance & extend what we had into something that really worked!

Join us on a journey of transformation where we'll cover: - Proactive Monitoring: Implementing "production probes" - lightweight and fast Python request "tests"- to actively ensure our services were up and executing core functionalities. - LLMs in Action: The unexpected efficacy of LLMs in aiding the creation of tests. We'll focus on our Python/TypeScript deployment tools here. - Quality Over Quantity: Recognizing that just writing tests isn’t the end game. We harnessed FastAPI LLMs to swiftly assess our functional test coverage, helping us identify and address gaps. - Living Documentation: A sneak peek into how we've sown the seeds for dynamic, ever-evolving documentation using Python.

Throughout the session, we’ll touch on the trade-offs, democratization & ownership of tests, and how this little endeavor set the stage for Opto's broader embrace of Python.


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