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Python's Types: 5 Amazing Ways Python Type Hints Will Supercharge Your Code


When Python's Type Hints were introduced in 2015, they were met with guarded optimism. Some people were excited for the added functionality and safety they brought to the language. Others saw the Java-ification of Python and thought, "no thanks". Eight years later, the Python community has generally embraced Python types. We've seen powerful and popular frameworks built upon them (Pydantic and FastAPI for example) and tools to fully analyze your code from a typing angle.

This talk will cover the foundations and history of Python typing. Then we will see some of the common syntax and examples for easily bringing typing into your programming habits. Then we will dive into 5 amazing ways typing can help you write and run better code. Time permitting, we'll close out the session with advice on Python typing guidance, patterns, and best practices.


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