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R0 DAY1-01 Openstack Swift Benchmark with Ansible - Charles Hsu (PyCon APAC 2015)


Speaker: Charles Hsu

Using Ansible for OpenStack Swift benchmark

Outline is here, may be modified in a future.

  • Introduct Openstack Swift
  • Introduce Ansible
    • Why
    • Other tools (Fabric/Slatstack/Chef)
  • What's problems and pains
    • Configure multiple swift nodes (swift proxy/object/container servers) without extra packages
    • Deploy/manage multiple benchmark nodes
    • Sweep all data in Swift nodes (Dev Cluster)
    • Run a benchmark test
    • Collecting benchmark result from benchmark nodes and errors from swift nodes
    • Repeat it again, again and again
  • Use Ansible
    • Define a cluster and nodes
    • Deploy benchmark nodes
    • Collecting and aggregate result form benchmark node
    • Repeat
  • What's next?
    • Move it to Docker?

About the speaker:

  • Twitter @thecharz
  • 組織/公司 SwiftStack
  • 頭銜 Techical Support Enginner

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