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R0 DAY2-02 Building a Scalable Python gRPC Service using Kubernetes - Ian Lewis (PyCon APAC 2015)


Speaker: Ian Lewis

gRPC and Kubernetes are two new technologies that make it easy to manage robust, highly available web services that talk to each other using a fast, flexible protocol. Python is well suited to building the logic for these kind of services. Python is a flexible language that can be highly efficient when tuned properly and allows you to make use of the extensive set of Python libraries that are publicly available.

In this talk I will talk about how to combine these technologies and use Python to create a scalable gRPC service and then how to actually manage and scale it using the Kubernetes cluster manager.

About the speaker

Ian Lewis is a Developer Advocate working at Google on the Google Cloud Platform Team in Tokyo Japan. He is an long time Python user and enthusiast. He developed the IT events service using Python and Django, and continues to promote Python.

Ian is a founder, and Vice Chair of the Board, for the PyCon JP management team. Ian helps with managing the website, and media relations (Twitter, Facebook, online magazine articles, etc.) for the conference.

個人網頁連結 Twitter @IanMLewis 組織/公司 Google Inc. 頭銜 Developer Advocate

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