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R0 DAY2-04 How developers are building applications on the cloud - Ben Cheng (PyCon APAC 2015)


Speaker: Ben Cheng

Long before SoftLayer was a cloud service provider, it was a group of keen developers. One day our developers set out to create the modular, scalable infrastructure services they wanted in order to develop the cloud solution of their dreams. So SoftLayer started with an API that provides precision control and now is constantly working at finding ways to put more tools at developers’ fingertips. Join us in this session as Angus Ip takes the audience though SoftLayer’s journey and its developer profiles.

Ben Cheng, will join the session and talk about how Oursky is building its application on the cloud. He will also give you advice on how to build an effective cloud backend for your application development and implementations.

Developer workshop on June 7 morning.

About the speaker

SoftLayer Experts (TBA) 組織/公司 IBM SoftLayer


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