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R1 DAY3-02 工程師沒告訴設計師的事 / Happy Together: Designer and Programmer - TsungWei Hu, Andy Fang


Speaker: TsungWei Hu, Andy Fang

Designers are trained and think differently from programmers. In general, designers work with static HTML while programmers work on codes and frameworks. Often, they hardly collaborate without bumping into each other.

For example, Django themes are flexible, but only for programmers. They are not designer friendly. Django templates hate designers who can't code. They need a better way to collaborate among projects, to maximize their productivity.

Diazo is a smart approach to theming a website. It offers an interface between designers and developers, this brings separation of concerns, and helps to eliminate the gap. While Diazo is a technology developed by the Plone community, it can also work with various web frameworks and deploy with WSGI/Apache/Nginx. In this talk, we will showcase how Diazo works in real world, and the possibility to build a new ecosystem among web developers.

About the speaker

1. TsungWei Hu, Project Planner, RCHSS, Academia Sinica 個人網頁連結 Twitter @l34marr 2. Andy Fang, Manager, MingTak

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