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R1 DAY3-03 Python與電子設計自動化:用愛與堅持實現專業 - Ko-Lung Yuan (PyCon APAC 2015)


Speaker: Ko-Lung Yuan

EDA領域一直是C/C++的天下,從業界到學界,無一例外。 且看一個熱愛Python的小子如何無所不用其及地使用Python,甚至反客為主,闖出一片天下。 這場演講中,你將會看到一個對於Python痴謎的人,分享他在EDA領域中堅持地使用Python奮鬥的經驗和成果。 如果您是EDA的同行,您可以來看看他是如何用Python寫出一個簡單但是好用的電路分析工具,也可以來看看對稱性編碼如何對電路進行特性上的優化。 如果您是喜歡演算法的朋友,您可以來看看除了線性規劃之外,還有哪一種新的模型化方式可以求解K-分割問題、背包問題、裝箱問題、虛擬布林規劃等,同時還有一個現成的Python套件可以馬上使用! 如果您想要了解如何使用Python來撰寫script幫助加速您的實驗,一定要來了解一下script-king這個工具。 當然,如果您只是一個喜愛Python的朋友,也十分歡迎來交交朋友,相互交流。

About the speaker

I am an engineer of Electronics Design Automation at ATopTech[1], a book/blog author of programming techniques and of course... a Python fan!

I majored in EE and CAD(EDA field, especially in logic synthesis and design verification) during graduate school[2] and university. Now I focus on the technique of clock tree synthesis. Even if Python is not related to my work but I still love Python so much that I would like to use Python on everywhere!

So far, I've developed some Python packages or tools such as minickt[3], mc-solver[4], sym-encoder[5] and script-king[6]. Interested people can find them in Github or PyPI or you can refer to my papers.

I am also a blogger[7] mainly writing articles of programming techniques(Python, Django[8] and others) and I will publish a new book about Django learning at the end of May or in early June.

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[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

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