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R2 DAY1-01 Easy Map Applications Using Python - Victor Gau (PyCon APAC 2015)


Speaker: Victor Gau

When it comes to creating map applications, javascript is always the first choice among different languages. Little do people know that it is actually very easy to create map applications by using Python. In this talk, three topics will be covered: (1) static map applications, (2) interactive map applications, and (3) real time Google Earth applications. In the first topic, I will demonstrate how to use python with Google Static Maps API to create static map images. After that, Flask-GoogleMaps and Folium will be introduced to create interactive map applications. Finally, I will demonstrate how to use python to create real time Google Earth applications.

About the speaker

Software Engineer Volunteer @ Kaohsiung Python User Group, Kaohsiung UseR Meetup

Twitter @runrunvictor 組織/公司 Jetway Hi-Tech Inc. 頭銜 Manager of R&D Department


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