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R2 DAY1-05 Tagtoo Task Manager - Chien Hsun Chen (PyCon APAC 2015)


Speaker: Chien Hsun Chen

隨著功能增加,在資料處理時需要牽涉的服務越來越多, 相互之間的關係越來越複雜, 為了解決每天營運需要處理的資料,服務,流程問題,配合 docker 解決方案,出現能解決掉原本的限制的可能性,才會自幹這個開源的專案

About the speaker

I like coding, ramen. and skiing. Most of time, I involve in python coding in Google Cloud Platform for big data processing and cloud architect designing. It is my pleasure to join pycon apac with lots of passion community members.

個人網頁連結 Twitter @lucemia 組織/公司 PyCon APAC 2015 頭銜 Chair of Sponsorship

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